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Rankings: Interrogating the Impact on Knowledge Equity and Openness

In this session, which took place on Wed 22 Nov 2023, Dr Elizabeth Gadd challenged the problematic relationship that the Higher Education sector has with rankings, that often fall short of their intended purposes and cloud important successes from being recognised.

Dr Gadd discussed her work with More Than Our Rank, which invites universities to adopt a broader and more diverse definition of institutional success, promoting a more inclusive and comprehensive approach.

Dr Elizabeth Gadd, has provided her powerpoint slides which can be downloaded as a pdf by selecting the link below. These slides accompany the recording of the session which is available to watch on ourĀ YouTube channel.

Chair: Nick Sheppard, Senior Lead for the Knowledge Equity Network (KEN)

Guest speaker: Dr Elizabeth Gadd, Vice-Chair of the Coalition on Advancing Research Assessment, and Chair of the INORMS Research Evaluation Group

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